* tnmom (OKIE, BEAR, & SCOTTIG – LATEST): OOM 12/31/11

by Gadget on December 31, 2011

ScottiG: OK now! HI EVERYONE!!!! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are ready for a great New Year! ScottiG: Hey to everyone an thank you for all the wonderful words I hear from my brother Bear. I am truly honored! BEAR5642: OK SCOTTIG SPILL THE BEANSScottiG: I hear that that ol outlaw Yankee from Oklahoma is going to make an appearance!

ScottiG: News coming in this week does sound great. News from Baghdad, England and other regions are all providing indicators that we likely are on the verge of the revaluation of the IQD. Let me break my thoughts down a few things here. First I did state that I would not come back and post until I we had an RV. Due to numerous request from so many of the OOM family and out of respect for Okie, Bear, Sambo and Miskebam, I am coming onto chat before the final confirmation of the RV to share some of what I am getting.

Maliki has declared a National day of Iraq and for the first time, he has publicly announced that Iraq is a sovereign and free nation. As I have been stating for awhile, we are witnessing the rebirth of a nation. This has been nothing less than monumental. Their struggle from not only coming out from under a tyrannical dictator as Hussein but to bring three factions in the country together to form a new government and one that can work together. We have been fed lie upon lie for many months now telling us that the GOI was not working, that Maliki is not working out or that he and Alawi are not going to share power. The stories and misinformation have come our way with great abundance.

I spoke with the vacationing banker this morning. I apprised him of the information that we are processing. He is checking in with the bank to see if anything is showing at this time. I have spent so much time over the last couple of months speaking with numerous currency, hedge fund and other market experts trying to make sense of why this RV has been supposedly released and/or on the verge of release and yet we are not at the bank. I assure you that the professionals have been scratching their heads in wonder. What I can tell you currently is that there is a strong buzz in the professional banking and currency circles. This is great to see, but it, in and of itself does not get us in the bank cashing out!

I want to caution each of you at this time to balance the good news with a dose of reality. There is not an RV yet!!!! If it were, it would be in the banks globally right now. It is not and so we are waiting. I do have confirmation that there is activity in the marketplace. This is in the form of traders who are in the know taking advantage of others who are less informed. This in and of itself is an indicator but it is not the end game. Some are claiming that the RV has started. I am hopeful that we will get to Tuesday and be able to start dealing with our bankers. WE DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY IN THE BANK YET! OKIEOILMAN: KEEP ER COMIN SCOTTI Scottig: Yes I have heard the rates in the $7 + range from numerous people. Do I believe this is possible? I do, but only for a very short window. Do I believe this is absolute? No I do not. I still do not believe the rate will be revealed until it is published.

ScottiG: A reminder for each of you about the Safety, Security and Cash in Conference Call I will do with Donnie R and several Top Flight experts in safety and security. Please wait until you hear these professionals before you make any decisions on how you act, what you do and where you go. I promise you that this is not going to be hokey information. I will also introduce you to my friend ‘The Banker’. This bank Vice President will come on the call with us to discuss information you will want to have before you go to cash in the bulk of your assets! He is a man of integrity and will help us with sound guidance. I will announce the time of this call when we have the people together but it will likely be within 48 hours of official RV!

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