* Purplehelmet300 posted in MIG chat Sat morning: Dinar Recaps 12/31/2011

by Gadget on December 31, 2011

_[purplehelmet300] Now you will want to know date!

[purplehelmet300] Date is a tough one!

[purplehelmet300] I had heard that this was done and should have shown up a few weeks ago!

[purplehelmet300] We all did!

[purplehelmet300] And I believe that to be true!

[purplehelmet300] Now – I am hearing from more than one of my peeps that the rate can and should show at any time!

[purplehelmet300] I dont have an exact date EXCEPT to say – ANYTIME – no hold ups! [purplehelmet300] Agree or disagree??

[purplehelmet300] If rate comes out high – I do NOT believe it will stay more than a few weeks!

[purplehelmet300] I mean really high – it will not stay there for long!

[purplehelmet300] The announcement can be made at anytime now!

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