* POPPY 3 CHAT – Post By Mona Lisa Dinar Updates: Dinar Recaps 12/31/2011

by Gadget on December 31, 2011

_Evening Chat with BGG and Poppy3 … 12/30/2011 7:15 PM [BGG] mammat – Nope. Parliament isn’t in session till at least the 3rd…hint, hint…

8:01 PM [mona lisa] BGG … my two initial thoughts are (re: Parliament) that maybe RV will be implemented or announced upon return … OR maybe Parliament ended and is out of session bc everything is DONE.

8:07 PM [BGG] I am hopeful things will be annoucned when they return and potentially ratify Ministry appointments.

8:39 PM [poppy3] there is still a riff from what i am hearing between the kurdistand group , the other leadership and Maliki is still trying to use his office and his power to extort them into submission with the RV& budget .

IT is like two kids playing i am the biggest bully and neither will give. Maliki has pressure being applied from all directions but he still has ownership of the seat and no formal challenge.

_PARLIMENT IS ON BREAK?? Show their concern, He is laughing at Biden shows his effect and influence , Alawi would like to challenge but just like during and after the election he doesn’t have the juice and can’t pull them together against Maliki because he would be the same.GUYS at this point in time all we can pray for is that they have enough completed and DR Shibibi has confidence enough that all will work out in the very near future and he wants the RV and the BUDGET opened JAN 1 enough that he can have the RV announced and activated. THIS IS MY PRESENT EVALUATION FOR TODAY POPPY3

8:44 PM [poppy3] GOT SEVERAL calls today calling that agrements have been met and that the RV Will happen tonight and or tomorrow. Not one negative report from good people .

But guys I still see several things they have never revieled to us that where reported have to be done and even though we have been told over and over they have been completed these things are still pending as far as confirmation.

I have not talked to BGG today I think he and I have both been out of service internet wise. If he has gotten anything different from me I am sure he would have called me and I havent heard a word from him.we usually talk if changes arrise. POPPY3

8:49 PM [Fast Money] poppy3 are you thinking ,maybe a week or two would look better ???

8:49 PM [poppy3] my advise is what i am going to do know that they have to open the budget soon, know that they want to be soverign and have to have rv to do so, Know that they want to be a full member of the wto and can’t without the rv , know they have promised over and over to help their people and they still have them starving daily,

know that when you got in this investment their was a reason and you still have that reason and many more. While it isnt a education many of us wanted we now have it.

Continue to stand in faith and relax that you are one of the chosen people for this blessing from on high. We win poppy3

8:53 PM [poppy3] Fast Money i have not deviated in three weeks plus now, if it doesnt happen by jan 1 there is no date of significants till march 1 2012.

Now it could happen at anytime but that is the naxt date of significants for iraq and the middle east. That is the date most of the other mid east countries release their budget’s. Iraq’s is supposed to release jan 1. Poppy3

9:02 PM [Baller] If is does happen by Jan 1st I do not see any way to tell 140 plus countries “can’t do anything for another 60 day’s”.

9:04 PM [Baller] *If it does not happen.

9:04 PM [poppy3] mona lisa YOU ARE VERY WELCOME STAY GROUNDED there is tons of BULL out there tonight .

I have been over some of the sites this evening and wow where do some of these people come up with some of this stuff?? LOL,LOL IT IS MIND BOGGELING. LOL,LOL THAT IS WHY I STAY AWAY FROM MOST OF THEM. POPPY3

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