* Karbalai: the Arabs to avoid mistakes

by Gadget on December 31, 2011

BAGHDAD – Babinaoz (Reuters) – He supported the religious authority in the province of Karbala, Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai, on the importance of giving the Iraqi judiciary an opportunity to resolve the problems between the political blocs of a judicial nature, while reducing the importance of holding a national conference on the current political crisis, called on the Arab peoples, which saw political changes to study the Iraqi experience and take advantage of errors that occurred in the country.

He said Karbalai that “Iraq is witnessing a severe political crisis because of differences between the parties involved in the political process,” noting that “there are problems and appeals must be presented within the framework of evidence, within the framework of law.” , in reference to the current crisis caused by the accused, deputy president of the republic Tareq al-Hashemi supporting and funding the insurgency. and reduced Karbalai of “the importance of holding a national conference brings together political actors in the country out of this crisis,” noting that “this conference will not lead to anything, only when there is a variety of reasons. ” He supported Sistani in Karbala that “the passage of laws has become a major problem facing Iraq because of the large number of holidays enjoyed by the House of Representatives, as well as political problems,” asserting that “there are dozens of laws that are expected from the parliament ratified, We do not know when to do so is in the light of this performance Almtlki. ” The Park Karbalai “of the Arab peoples, which has seen shifts in their political systems,” inviting them to “re-reading the Iraqi experience in this area and the need to avoid what happened when the Iraqis of the big mistakes.” He is supported religious authority in Karbala that “the Iraqi experience brought a lot of bitterness because of the lack of political maturity and national levels to some parties, and the Arab peoples to avoid what happened when the Iraqis.”


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