* Janna (TerryK Chat): The G.E.T. Team 12/31/11

by Gadget on December 31, 2011

TerryK Chat 4:33 PM est 12/31/11 [terryk] OK I’M GOING TO BE STUPID HERE [Agent 007] TK is in the house! [Agent 007] join the club then [terryk] WHY AM I GETTING CALLS ABOUT THIS RV THING BEING DONE [wjbillr] here’s TerryK [Agent 007] maybe because it truly is [terryk] WHAT ARE YOU ALL HEARING [Agent 007] same [terryk] FROM WHERE [Agent 007] other sites kinda [terryk] MY INFO WAS FROM THE PIZZA GUY [mjwagg] I heard another site say it RV [Agent 007] haha [terryk] NO REALLY IT WAS [terryk] I’M NOT KIDDING [Agent 007] I take it he owns dinar [terryk] WELL I WAS TIPPING HIM IN DINAR AS A JOKE [mjwagg] TerryK funny [wjbillr][kettle7] From jonny: ok we are trying to verify everything and it appears that the people posting happy stories are somewhat CORRECT……………………HOWEVER even though i have a top source that has confirmed that the rate was live yesterday it has NOT…………….. I will say it again not been posted at the bank(screens are still 00.0000) or the cbi. We can get excited and the fat lay is on stage and warmed up but she is not singing YET………………………. I fully expect to have concrete news TODAY………………………… Be carefull with getting too excited on the rates as more than the iqd iqd will change and this could affect US…………………….THE rate will still be great. ………….. Freeway bill and and i all agree to examine your offer closel [kettle7] Okieoilman: : waiting for confirmation presently that seem’s immenent [12:35:50 PM] JoAnn (Cougar13): (*) 3:35 PM [kettle7] Okie: the r/v announcement will only be posted after we have multiple confirmations—-you may hear otherwise by other sites but we want to be sure our intel is accurate before calling anything official [terryk] MONTHS AGO [terryk] AND HE TOOK IT [tzeman7390] TerryK R8 done deal [terryk] SWEET THANKS BRO [terryk] YOU GOT THE SHIPPING ADDRESS [tzeman7390] TerryK no worries [terryk] BUT DO ME A FAVOR [terryk] HAVE A LITTLE TAG MADE [terryk] SAYING FROM YOU TO TerryK [tzeman7390] ok starting to tear up now [terryk] NOT PAPER [terryk] SILLY [terryk] GOLD [terryk] lol [Agent 007] lol [terryk] ABOUT 12″ LONG [terryk] AND 2 INCHES THICK [terryk] AND 5 INCHES WIDE [tzeman7390] just email me gotta go to bbq talk soon [terryk] BUT NO REALLY IM HEARING FROM CALLS THAT THIS IS DONE AS OF LAST NIGHT [terryk] WAITING FOR THE RATE TO DROP IN [terryk] AND THAT IS TO HAPPEN TONIGHT OR TOMORROW [terryk] THINKING TONIGHT [terryk] BEFORE THE NEW YEAR [Agent 007] TerryK sure hope so [terryk] THAT WAY WE TAXED THIS YEAR [terryk] AND NEXT [terryk] ANOTHER WAY TO GET SCREWED OVER [terryk] OK ALL GOTTA RUN AND GET MY YEAR END TAX STUFF GATHERED AND CLEANED OUT [terryk] FEELING ALOT BETTER THANKS FOR ALL THE PRAYERS [terryk] GOD BLESS YOU ALL


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