* Janna (Historian chat): The G.E.T. Team 12/30/11

by Gadget on December 30, 2011

[Historian] Just popping in for a short while to say hello!
[Historian] Anything of interest happen today?
[Cessie] Historian Bluwolf, Tony, Dan, TK, etc. all say it will happen now to tomorrow night.
[Historian] Cessie That makes sense to me. IMO they would want a few days after with the banks closed to deal with this. There may be little things to clean up.
[Cessie] Historian Jan 1st all the Central Banks are closed at the same time all day. Only day of the year it happens. Significant for the RV perhaps
[jonjobe7] Historian do you have any insight regarding memo of understanding by UN on behalf of IMF?
[Historian] jonjobe7 I haven’t read the MOU — I have seen a list of MOUs from the IMF website, posted by Eagle Has Landed. None were dated 2009, but one was Nov 2008 and one was Feb 2010. IMO, I would need to start by reading those 2 MOU’s. Haven’t had the time . . . to much partying!
[Cessie] Historian Did you know that all the central banks are closed on 1/1/12. Only happens once per year. Perhaps a good time for updating currencies. What do you think?
[Historian] Cessie Of greater significance, many countries have their fiscal YE on Dec 31. Also, in January the global financial institutions reconcile their accounts from the previous year. So since many are not doing so well, they might want to see an RV before that happens.
[Cessie] Historian Greeat point. Thanks

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