* Expert: increased liquidity and the rise in inflation

by Gadget on December 31, 2011

BAGHDAD / follow-term economic attributed the economic expert peace Sumaisem reasons for the high index of inflation in Iraq to increase the liquidity in the domestic market and the emergence of patterns of new consumer to the Iraqi citizens.

The Sumaisem’s Agency (news) that the reasons for increased rates of inflation in Iraq during the current period due to pump large amounts of cash into local markets through the distribution of advances and loans

Addition to a deficiency in the production system in the local, pointing to the existence of a great demand for the goods against the limited offer in the market leads to increased rates of inflation in the market and added Sumaisem: that citizens appeared to them new patterns of consumption as a result of trade liberalization around the world, making the quantity of services and goods sold in the domestic market is less income available to the individual, it also leads to inflation in the Iraqi market. It continued: that inflation will fall during the coming period due to lower exchange rate of dinar long ago, The Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation for the registration of slightly higher inflation-indexed in Iraq last November by 0.3% and inflation indicators for the period from October 2010 until October 2011 are also seen an increase of 5%. The Central Bureau of Statistics and Information Technology has announced a lower annual inflation index for the year 2010 compared to the past in years that preceded it, indicating that the rate of inflation during 2010 stood at 3% and 7% in 2009.


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