* Dinar Daddy: “The Weekly Tidbit” Pub. No. 24 RELEASED!!!

by DinarDaddy on December 2, 2011


Publication No. 24 of The Weekly Tidbit has been sent out via EMAIL to all those who’ve signed up to receive my weekly newsletter. You can also find this same information/newsletter displayed online at www.TheWeeklyTidbit.com. Feel free to check it out there if you currently do not receive the Publication’s weekly email!

If you haven’t before, you’ll want to access this newsletter. Included within this publication are FREE LEGAL DOCS everyone following the Dinar will want to utilize as part of their preparation efforts and protection strategy. These valuable documents are yours for FREE, and are provided by Paul Lydolph, Esq, and his employer, Treasury Vault.

Beyond this however, I’ve too have written an article I feel will help many understand how to more completely prepare their holdings of Dinar for whatever circumstances come their way. Also, there’s some great information contributed by others on silver as an investment, real estate options, and trusts. It really is packed full of valuable information for ANYONE who wishes to take their following and holdings of the Dinar seriously, not to mention other foreign currency interests.

If you wish to sign-up to receive my newsletter directly to your EMAIL INBOX, CLICK HERE and fill out the provided online sign-up form.

Go Tidbits… Go Dinar!

Dinar Daddy


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