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by DinarDaddy on December 9, 2011


Through subtle sources I’ve received feedback that some feel I am “down” on the Iraqi Dinar opportunity. This post is meant to help everyone understand my take on things, and to ensure everyone… NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!!!

First off, I want everyone to know I ABSOLUTELY believe in this as a fantastic currency play, and I believe the Dinar will one day increase in value, giving me a fantastic return on my money. I do not care whether that comes in the form of an instant flip-of-the-switch or the steady growth against the dollar. Either way, I believe my personal holdings of the Dinar will gain in value. I have little doubt, regardless of the time it will take (short or long), that I will increase my overall net worth by the simple increase in value of the official exchange rate of the currency of Iraq. I wouldn’t be doing what I do if I didn’t believe in this as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Secondly, each of us has the opportunity to improve our situation in life by simply “getting after it”! Each of us has it within us to follow through with the inspiration we individually and innately receive. As such, I’ve chosen to focus on those things that don’t always give readers the impression that I’m positive about the Dinar versus sharing daily the “sky is falling” and that the “RV is coming”. Such posts only create hype with no substance. I’m a straight-up kind of guy, and I don’t mince words or waste my time with things that don’t matter. I’m about “controlling the controllables”. It’s my hope my efforts are understood by most, and that my actions are replicated by others in a way that fits each interested party’s situation and ability.

What do I mean by this? Well, despite hearing positive information and exciting things now and then about the Dinar from those who are connected, I choose (at times) to NOT share that information openly if I feel there’s nothing backing such fortuitous news. We have PLENTY of posters throughout the world wide web that spew their information quickly and without thought of how it will be received, or how it will impact others, or without any substantiating evidence or backing to their story. My “Doozies” and “Rumors” sections are a testament of that. I have chosen to NOT cheapen myself or this currency play by sharing unchecked rumors. I’ve done this at times in the past, and have learned to maintain a healthy sense of hopefulness while still not counting on it as is shared. I don’t discount those who share their information with me. In fact, I’m grateful to them. But, I figure there is still a larger perspective out there that is even beyond their reach. I believe their intentions are true (most of the time), but reality isn’t always a match. As such, unless it comes from certain sources, I choose NOT to share everything I receive. I believe a healthy sense of responsibility and self-governing is necessary for me and my position within the Dinar community and I don’t take that lightly, despite me and my site (Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits) being the HUB of All Things Dinar”. So far, this choice of mine has proven to be a good decision. It has saved me from even greater ridicule, and certainly many headaches that naturally flow my direction being in the position I’m in.

Furthermore, I made a conscious decision a while back that I’d start personally focusing on those things I could make happen right now that I have control over. Focusing on cash-in possibilities was my very first BIG TIME effort on www.TheIraqiDinar.com. My audio interviews with Ali of Dinar Trade went viral throughout the online Dinar following community. The follow-up typed-up transcripts of those interviews were equally critical.

I then tackled the subject of Wealth Management. Asset Protection, Estate Planning, and Tax Planning were what I brought to the table through my association with my own law firm. Being prepared for the fateful day of post-RV cash-in has always been important to me. It’s been a process, but I’m just about there. It’s my desire to continue to help others get through that same process that I’ve gone through.

I continued with my preparedness efforts for others by establishing my…

I’ve done all this to ensure everyone concerned with their holdings of the Dinar were given MOBILE ability. The peace-of-mind one has knowing they are within reach even when they are on the go is absolutely priceless. Yes, I brought each of these items forward to the Dinar following community because I AM ONE OF YOU… I AM IN YOUR SHOES… AND I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL… as it relates to my passion of the Iraqi Dinar.

Recently, I’ve been focusing on preparing for ALL POSSIBILITIES. Through currency denomination diversification, physical vs. electronic form, and with an expanded foreign currency portfolio techniques which I’ve discussed at length both here on Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits, and through my weekly newsletter, The Weekly Tidbit (www.TheWeeklyTidbit.com), I believe I’ve helped many understand how they can further prepare for any wrinkle or curve-ball thrown at us along the way and at the end.

I’ve now created a massive, comprehensive investment information website called Investor Tidbits (www.InvestorTidbits.com) that is a “HUB of Investor and Investment Information”. It’s within a week or two of officially being launched. I HAVE NOT RELEASED IT YET so please hang in there a little longer. I’ve had to re-build the site twice now to ensure the lay-out did what I needed it to do, and that it was as comprehensive as I would want it to be as someone following world currencies who has a need to understand investments as a whole, expose myself to new investment options, and learn more about what is out there for me in investing options. I believe I’ve done that with Investor Tidbits. I’m excited to launch my site as soon as I feel it’s finally ready. There is only one of me, and at times I’m just overwhelmed.

So, once again, why am I sharing all this? Because I want everyone to know there is NO BIGGER BELIEVER and fan of the Iraqi Dinar (along with select other foreign currencies) as a speculative foreign currency play, and as the potential world monetary system savior, than me. I’ve got to believe that despite the tremendous DELAY that has been manually imposed on the world by the very FEW, that THE PLAN remains in tact, and that despite adjustments for whatever sick, manipulative, or controlling reason, will roll forward, and that it/they is/are STILL the central mechanism/s to ensure “economic sins” of past generations are wiped clean and a new era of prosperity and hope springs forward. Indeed, a redistribution of wealth the world has never seen before is upon us!

In every way, I’m all the way in with this opportunity… unlike few others, if any. Please do not question my belief in what I feel will and should happen with the world currency markets. I simply choose to ensure I am doing all I can do for myself and for others. I pray this helps you now understand. The time to act is now in your preparedness and understanding efforts… so get on it!

Go Urgency… Go Preparedness… Go Hope… Go Dinar!

Dinar Daddy

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