by DinarDaddy on October 31, 2011

With the anticipation of the eventual RV, many of you have already begun making concrete plans in structuring your estates to be able to protect your Future found wealth,  Using such tools as the Roth-IRA, the Charitable Remainder Trust, and other tax saving mechanisms.

The US Department of Human Services did a study that showed that only 4 out of 100 workers who started out their working careers would be financially wealthy when they reached retirement age.  If you were one of those 4 persons who worked hard, worked smart, and saved and invested wisely, congratulations!  You are to be commended!

For all those others who tried and didn’t quite reach the level of wealth they had hoped for and now have the fantastic opportunity to do something great with this miraculous blessing……Will You Now FAIL to Plan, thus in actuality PLAN YOUR FAILURE?

What Kind of Structures would be most beneficial to you?  What Kind of Investments would give you the Best Return on your money or Reduce Your Tax Burden the most?

Many folks haven’t a Clue what would be in their best interest! Hopefully the 6 E-books I’ve written over the past 8 months have been helpful in guiding you towards making wise decisions for your financial future.

I’m now offering a Complete Estate Analysis to help you formulate a solid plan on what to do when this blessing does come to pass.  For a reasonable fee of ONLY $199, I will:

1.  Gather information from you about your situation.

2.  Present various legal structures and how they might be used to accomplish desired goals.

3.  Present Specific Financial Recommendations to Reduce your Tax Burden and Increase your Spendable Income.

4.  Assist You in Acquiring Competent Legal Counsel to put into place any Legal documents you desire to implement.

5.  Co-ordinate Your overall Estate Plan with the Legal Counsel you Choose.

6.  Assist You in Implementing Various Financial, Investment and Insurance Products to Accomplish Your Goals.

If you do choose to implement any of the financial recommendations with us, your analysis fee will be credited to your account.

To Order Your Complete Estate Analysis, Click Here:  http://www.hawaiiandaves.com/analysis.html

If you haven’t had a chance to read any of my six E-Books:

  1. Tax Free Income from the Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs!
  2. RV!  Now What? Financial Strategies the Wealthy Know and Use!
  3. Dinar Roth-IRA!
  4. Understanding Estate Planning!
  5. Make Sense/Cent$ of Trusts!
  6. Avoid the 10 Costly Mistakes of Financial Planning!

To Order Any of My E-Books, Click Here:  http://www.hawaiiandaves.com/rothorder.html

As Always Mahalo and Go RV!

Hawaiian Dave

David A. Kauwe CLU ChFC LUTCF

Triangle Estate Planners

919-698-8832 cell

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