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by DinarDaddy on September 27, 2011


I hope this post finds you all well this morning.  I felt I needed to put something up this morning that gives my thoughts to all of you about all the crap posts that seem to be never ending from certain known “gurus” and hype mongers, and to discuss my feelings, ONCE AGAIN, about all the posts that end up in the Rumors and Doozies sections of my site.

Here is how I feel about the posters and their information placed in these sections:

  1. I feel some are honest but mislead.  Others, and you all know who I’m talking about, I believe are flat out misleading their followers on their private sites.  This is WHY I post their information in those sections, to help all of you relax and gain a perspective on what is being shared… unchecked, on their sites.
  2. I do not believe ANYTHING that I post within theRumors and the Doozies sections of my site.
  3. I post their information to ensure we have ALL INFO about the Dinar, not to give them a larger platform to spew their nonsense.
  4. If you see information within those sections, please understand that I personally am DISCREDITING THE INFO.  You can choose to believe them or me, either way you have a different opinion to consider and to check your excitement against.
  5. I do not respect those who CONTINUALLY post information that declares “ALL IS DONE”… “THE PLANE HAS LANDED”… or otherwise.  They are blatantly misleading people who are hopeful, downtrodden, and desperate in their hope a windfall will come their way.

I think you got the message…

  • Please be aware of my confidence in diversifying my holdings to ensure I am covered in the event of any major changes in the way things are financially done in the world.
  • Please know I am doing my best to hold to the truth as I know it, while keeping everyone apprised of those things they should be aware of, including false information to help each person check themselves and their excitement levels against.  Please know I only want the best for every follower.
  • Please do NOT exchange outside of your normal currency more than you can afford despite your excitement levels based on some unfounded “guru’s” emphatic post or chat.
  • Please know I respect each and every follower’s personal decision whether to believe in this speculative opportunity or not.  It’s a personal decision for everyone
  • Please know I am as hopeful as the next guy about this speculative venture called exchanging for the Iraqi Dinar.
  • Please know if I hear something I am hopeful about I will post it to help everyone be aware, NOT to hype or get everyone excited about.  I’ve heard nothing recently despite others’ adamant claims.

Go Keepin’ It Real… Go Truth… Go Dinar!

Dinar Daddy

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